You'll hear many new terms while searching for the perfect new floors. One of those terms is "underlayment," and we know you'll have questions about it.

The fact is that all floors need an underlayment of some kind, so it’s not an optional part of the installation. Here are some points to help you know when the underlayment is necessary and when it's not.

Underlayment is sometimes attached to the flooring

Some materials, such as laminate and luxury vinyl, come with pre-attached underlayment. That means everything you need is in the product itself, and nothing else is required.

In these cases, you’ll hear that underlayment for new floors is unnecessary, but that means "added" underlayment. The underlayment is already in place, so you're protected right from the start

Pre-attached underlayment also means faster installation and more comfort in walking. These pieces are worth the extra budget, especially in whole-home flooring projects.

When underlayment is necessary

All floors need some underlay to keep the floors functioning as they should. For hardwood, it can make a difference in protection from moisture, dampness, and squeaky boards.

Our flooring company offers underlayment that keeps the tiles from cracking and shifting in tile flooring, especially when installed on a hard subfloor. It also ensures a smooth, even surface for attaching the tiles.

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