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The perfect hardwood flooring in Sparks, NV can add style and timelessness to any room of your home. But it's also one of the longest-lasting materials in the flooring industry.

Choosing the best wood flooring options is as easy as considering your specific needs. And we're here to help make that process easier.

What level of hardwood flooring durability do you need?

A more active home requires more durable hardwood flooring. And the best way to cater to this need is by choosing a suitable species. The harder the species, the more durability it provides. Oak is an excellent choice for most homes, offering performance, beauty, and functionality. Softer options are perfect for areas with less traffic, such as closets and pantries. And you can add extra protection with area rugs or runners.

When dampness is an issue

Some hardwoods are acceptable for kitchen installation. But a below-grade installation demands special consideration. Engineered wood flooring offers the performance the space needs. Its layered build works well in dampness, humidity, and temperature changes.

Refinishing extends the hardwood flooring lifespan

Refinishing is an excellent choice once your wood floors start to show signs of wear. This strips away years of wear and allows the addition of a new finish. When installed and refinished as needed, solid wood can last up to 100 years. Engineered floors can give you up to 30 years under the same conditions.

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Professional installation is a must for your hardwood flooring

The best way to protect this long-lasting investment is with professional installation. Our technicians have the training and experience necessary for your best results. Before installing your wood floors, they must go through the acclimation process. This ensures both the environment and the flooring are at the same humidity level.

We will explain your specific installation process once you choose your hardwood flooring in Sparks, NV. We'll also tell you what you can expect before, during, and after the service.

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